Thaddeus Rahming Exposed

Name: Thaddeus Rahming
Nude Thaddeus Rahming had a role in the 2011 comedy film Hall Pass. The stars of the film were Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. Check out the Big Black Cock on him!

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Lou Ferrigno Exposed

Shirtless Lou Ferrigno’s body is crazy massive. If you are in to bulk, he is your man. Ferrigno is best known for his role as The Hulk in the 1970-80’s TV series The Incredible Hulk. The tried to bring it back in 1996 but it only lasted one season. Ferrigno is going to be in the new film The Avengers. Still as bulky? We’ll see!Lou_Ferrigno_shirtless_13
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Johann Urb Exposed

Another Male Celebrity teasing us with an underwear picture. He is so close to being Naked for us. Shirtless Johann Urb, from Estonia, is not only an actor but also a former fasion model. If Estonia produces men like him I want more! He is in the new film A Little Bit of Heaven. We don’t know if he will show any skin but we are certainly hoping so.
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Clark Gregg Exposed

Shirtless Clark Gregg has a great hairy chest. We see those so seldom in Hollywood that it is a special treat! Gregg got the audiences attention in the TV series The New Adventures of Old Christine. It ran from 2006-2010. He is also known as Phil coulson in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He will be coming back as that character in the new film The Avengers. Clark_Gregg_shirtlss_04
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Kevin Dillon Exposed

Shirtless Kevin Dillon’s
breakthrough performance was as psycho soldier “Bunny” in the 1986 film Platoon.  The film also brought attention to stars such as Tom Beringer, Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker.  Some of Dillon’s other film roles were:  “John Densmore” in The Doors, and “Brian Glass” in a 1988 remake of The Blob.  He has also appeared in episodes of several television series episodes such as:  NYPD Blue, as “Paul DeLucca” in That’s Life. With all of these credits, he is best known as Johnny “Drama” Chase in the TV series Entourage.Kevin_Dillon_shirtless_11
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