Diego Luna Exposed

Mexican actor Naked Diego Luna has had starring in several Mexican made films such as The Comet, A Sweet Scent of Death, and, Y Tu Mama Tambien.  He played Alejandro Alex in the 2002 American film Frida, Enrique Cruz in The Terminal, which starred Tom Hanks, and the role of Michael Jackson in the 2007 comedy/drama Mister Lonely.Luna is in the new film Contraband, premiering January 13, 2012.
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Scott Evans Exposed

Shirtless Scott Evans made guest appearances on Guiding Light, Fringe and Law & Order before taking on the role of Oliver Fish on the soap opera One Life to Live. He is currently part of the cast of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.Scott_Evans_shirtless_16
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Joe Anderson Exposed

Shirtless Joe Anderson started acting in 2004 in a British horror film titled Creep. In 2007 he played Jane Austen’s older brother Henry in biographical film Becoming Jane. He then had roles in major films such as Amelia, Love Happens, and The Crazies. Anderson appears in the The Grey starring Liam Neeson. The film will be released January 27, 2012.
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