David Faustino Exposed


Nude David Faustino’s best known role was as Bud Bundy on the sitcom Married with Children. The show ran from 1987-1997. Since then, he has appeared in several films and TV series episodes. Currently, Faustino has been seen on the comedy series Clunkers.


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Ryan Merriman Exposed


Shirtless Ryan Merriman had his first major role in the TV series The Mommies. The show ran from 1993-1995. From 1996-2000 he played Young Jarod on sci-fi series The Pretender, and, from 2003-2004 as Nikko Zond on Veritas: The Quest. Merriman currently has a recurring role on the series Pretty Little Liars.


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Travis Wester Exposed


Travis Wester began his acting career in 1996 in the TV series Mr. Rhodes. Next came several recurring appearances as Austin Sanders in Beverly Hills, 90210. More recently, Wester played Harry Spangler in the television fantasy drama Supernatural. He played the same role in the comedy horror series Ghostfacers. He is seen here Nude in the film Euro Trip with Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts.


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Nicholas Hoult Exposed


After guest roles in many TV series episodes, Shirtless Nicholas Hoult became best known as Tony Stonem on the British comedy series Skins. In 2009 Hoult played Kenny in the film A Single Man which starred Colin Firth. He will appear in the film X-Men: First Class which will be released on June 3,2011.


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Russell Crowe Nude



Russell Crowe gets Nude in the film Virtuosity and damn does he look hot! Crowe has done great movies since his career began in 1972. Crowe has been nominated for many awards through out his career.

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