Denis Leary Exposed


Shirtless Denis Leary is an actor, comedian, write and director. His comedic style is often biting and he is known for his chain smoking and beer drinking during his routines. He is the star and co-creator of the long running comedy series Rescue Me. He played “Mike McNeil” on The Job and “Slater” in the film The Secret Lives of Dentists. Leary does the voice of “Diego” in the animated Ice Age films.


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Hill Harper Exposed


Nude Hill Harper began his acting career in film and television in 1993.  He appeared in several episodes of the TV comedy Married with Children and in the film Confessions of a Dog.  Since the beginning of his career in 1993, Harper has appeared in over 60 television series episodes and films.  He may be best known for his role as “Sheldon Hawkes” on CSI: NY.
Harper is also the author of two non-fiction books.  The first, published in 2006 is Letters to a Young Brother, and the second, Letters to a Young Sister:  DeFINE Your Destiny, published in 2008.


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Alexander Skarsgard Exposed


Naked Alexander Skarsgard starred as “Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert in the war series Generation Kill and as “Jacl” in the film 13. Skarsgard currently portrays “Eric Northman” in True Blood.


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DMX Exposed


Shirtless DMX started rapping in 1990.  At that time his stage name was Dark Man X, which he later shortened to DMX.  He has released many album, both studio and compilation, and has sold over 28 million worldwide.  His best-selling album was And Then There Was X released in 1999.
In addition to his rapper career, DMX made several films such as:  Belly, Exit Wounds Romeo Must Die and Last Hour.  In 2002, he wrote his autobiography titled E.A.R.L.:  The Autobiography of DMX.


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