Ian Anthony Dale Exposed

Ian Anthony Dale plays HPD officer Kawika Jones as co star in The Break; at left is extra Cris Sisneros, 18, of Sunset Beach. Shot on bach at Pipeline

Shirtless Ian Anthony Dale may be best known for his role as “Davis Lee” in the TV series Surface. He also played “Detective Christopher Choi” in the short-lived crime series Day Break. He is currently a cast member in the new TV drama series The Event which premiers on September 20.


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Clifton Collins, Jr. Exposed


Nude Clifton Collins first mainstream fill appearance was in the role of Cesar Sanchez in One Eight Seven. He won excellent reviews in the 2005 film Capote in the part of killer Perry Smith. He currently portrays “Thomas” in the new TV drama The Event.


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David Wenham Exposed


David Wenham fans know him best for his roles as “Faramir” in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, “Carl” in Van Helsing, and “Dilos” in 300. Shirtless David Wenham played the recurring role of “Diver Dan” in the Australian TV series SeaChange. He is slated to play “Andrew Fraser” in a new Australian series called Killing Time.


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Josh Charles Exposed


Nude Josh Charles made his film debut as “Iggy” in Hairspray. Following that he played “Knox Overstreet’ in Dead Poets Society. Other film roles include Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Threesome, Pie in the Sky, Muppets from Space. S.W.A.T., and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. He played sports anchor “Dan Rydell” in the Emmy Award –winning television series Sports Night and “Jake” in HBO’s In Treatment. Charles is currently on the show The Good Wife.


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