Nelsan Ellis Exposed


Nelsan Ellis’ theatrical career started when he attended Julliard and wrote a semi-autobiographical play called Ugly. The play was performed at Julliard and won the Lincoln Center’s Martin E. Segal Award.
After guest roles in several television series and as a recurring character on the short-lived series The Inside Ellis was cast as “Lafayette Reynolds”, a flamboyant gay cook at Merlotte’s Bar, in the HBO hit series True Blood.


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Dax Shepard Exposed


Dax Shepard’s participation in episodes of Ashton Kutcher’s reality show Punk’d gained him the recognition that helped further his career.  He went on to appear in several films and television episodes.  His latest film Old Dogs, starring John Travolta and Robin Williams will be released in November, 2009.  Parenthood, a new fall television show directed by Thomas Schlamme, collaborator with Aaron Sorkin in the Emmy Award winning, long running series, The West Wing Shepard will join the cast as Crosby Braverman.


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Geoff Stults Exposed


Geoff Stultz appeared in 7th Heaven  from 2001-2006.  He has completed two movies;  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, to be released in  September 2009, and She’s Out of My League, release date March 2010. Stultz will appear in the mid-season crime drama Happy Town.


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John Patrick Amedori Exposed

John_Patrck_Amedori_shirtless_03 John_Patrck_Amedori_shirtless_01

John Patrick Amedori  played 13 year old “Evan Trebom” in The Butterfly Effect.  Ashton Kutcher played the adult “Evan Trebom”.  He’s made guest appearances in many tv series episodes including Joan of Arcadia, Nip/Tuck, Vanished and Gossip Girl. Watch for him in the upcoming television series Happy Town.


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Luke Bailey Exposed


British actor, Luke Bailey, appeared in BBC television series Casualty as “Sam Batemen” from 2000-2007.  His next major part came when he was cast as “Marley Kelly” in Waterloo Road, also a BBC production. Other television appearances he has made are the Illustrated Mum, Blue Murder, and in 2009 Blue Murder: “The Butterfly Effect”.

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