Heath Ledger Exposed


Heath Ledger began his acting career in film and television in Australia in 1992.  His first US role was as “Conor” in the short-lived 1997 TV series called Roar.  In 2000 he starred as “Gabriel Martin”, opposite Mel Gibson, in The Patriot, and  in 2005, Ledger had his most notable role to that time in the highly acclaimed, yet controversial film, Brokeback Mountain.
He appeared in three more films before starring role as “The Joker” in the film The Dark Knight, the last film he completed before his untimely death in January, 2008.  He received the Oscar award for his portrayal of the “Joker”, posthumously.  He is one of only two actors to receive an Oscar posthumously, the other being actor Peter Finch for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the 1976 movie Network.
Ledger was working on a fantasy film entitled The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus. His death occurred about a third of the way through filming.  His role was recast with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrel portraying transformations is Ledger’s character as he travels through a dream world.  The film is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2009.


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Omarion Exposed

Originally with the multi-platinum group B2K, he split from the group in 2005 to do his first solo album, ‘O‘.  Omarion’s second album was titled 21, which was his age when he recorded it in 2006.  His third album was a collaboration with rapper Bow Wow and was titled Face Off.
Early 2004 saw Omarion playing the role of “David” film You Got Served.  Omarion began his film career when he was the voice of the bully “Reggie” in the animated film Fat Albert later that same year.  He appeared in the film Cuts which starred Marques Houston in 2005.  Somebody Help Me, a 2007 horror film, also starred Houston with Omarion co-starring as “Darryl Jennings”.


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George Clooney Exposed

George_Clooney_shirtless_01 George_Clooney_shirtless_06

Undoubtedly, George Clooney’s biggest career break was being cast as “Dr. Doug Ross” a role he played from 1994 to 1999.  Early in his career he appeared in 11 episodes (1988-1991) of Roseanne as “Booker Brooks”  on-again off-again boyfriend of “Roseanne’s: sister “Jackie”.  Although he has appeared in several films his best known roles are “Bruce Wayne/Batman” in the 1997 production of Batman & Robin and “Danny Ocean” in the 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven, followed by two sequels, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen.  Nominated for several awards during his long career, he won an Oscar for Best Performance in a Supporting Role as “Bob Barnes” for Syriana released in 2005.  Clooney will star in the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats to be released in December, 2009 and Up in the Air, also for release in 2009.
“Time Magazine” named Clooney one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World for using the power of his fame and popularity to illuminate the crisis in Darfur.
Outspoken politically, Clooney is known for telling it like he sees it.  In response to the possibility of Clooney running for political office he said:  “Run for office?  No.  I’ve slept with too many women.  I’ve done too many drugs, and I’ve been to too many parties”.


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Eddie Cibrian Exposed


Shirtless Eddie Cibrian appeared as “Cole Daschanel” in 369 episodes of short lived soap Sunset Beach.  Other TV credits include Third Watch as “Jimmy Doherty” and Invasion as “Russell Varon” as well as “Coach Tony Diaz” on Ugly Betty, and “Agent Daniel Lucas” on Vanished.  In 2006 People magazine named Cibrian one of the 100 most Beautiful People. He will be starring in the upcoming 2009 TV series Washington Field.


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Eric McCormack Exposed


Eric McCormack played the role of gay lawyer “Will Truman” on Will & Grace from 1998 until 2006.  He was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series at the Golden Globe Awards in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.  He co-stars with Thomas Cavanagh in 2009s new comedy/drama Trust Me.  Multi-talented McCormack is a producer, director, and writer.  In addition to these accomplishments, he recorded “The Greatest Discovery”, a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin for an album entitled Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars He wrote and sang a song for the 2004 soundtrack of soundtrack of Will & Grace called “Living with Grace” and sang both the American and Canadian national anthems at the 2004 NHL All Star Game. His most current film was Alien Trespass in 2009.


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Eric Balfour Exposed


Eric Balfour was character “Claire Fisher’s” love interest through most of the first season of hit HBO’s Six Feet Under.  At age thirteen he appeared for one season of Kids Incorporated.  In 2001 Balfour played character “Milo Pressman” in 8 episodes of the long running series 24. In 2006 the character was brought back for another nineteen episodes. Starring in the 2005 sexually explicit film Lie With Me he played the role of “David” with co-star Lauren Lee Smith as “Leila”.

Eric_Balfour_naked_02 Eric_Balfour_naked_01

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